Nov 292015

The last post here is from Sep 2012, so needless to say, it has been a little while since I have put any time into this. However, that is going to change. I am making a commitment to document some faucet of my tech world on a weekly basis. In the time since I stopped writing, I stopped my studies toward my PhD and have taken two jobs. One took me to PNC bank in Dayton as a Sr Engineer and the second brought me back to Louisville as a Sr Engineer with a large software house in my home town.

The time at PNC provided me with some fantastic exposure to very talented engineers and strong leaders. I was able to take a lot from that experience, hopefully those experiences will translate well into some meaningful posts here. My time so far in this new company has given me a lot of opportunities to apply lessons learned and grow not only as a developer but also as a leader. I have also been delving deep into the guts of .Net and C#, focusing on performance and back end processing. This has caused me to become a source of knowledge for my team, as well as being a ‘Data Steward’ (MS-SQL source of knowledge).

In addition, I have started numerous projects, both of a technical nature and related to my newly purchased house. I will be documenting both, to some extent. Do I have curious as to what some of those may be? Well, here is a hint:

  • Roslyn and Compiled c# rules engine
  • 7 Days to Die server admin tool
  • BattleField4 automated server populator – chrome extension
  • More project Euler
  • lunch and learn presentations – some can be made public
  • built in book shelves
  • new deck
  • water cool gaming pc build

I will tell you more soon, don’t worry, no more 3 yr disappearances.

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