Jul 272012

That’s how these things are supposed to start right?

The first thing I need to decide is what all needs to be shared on here.  I would like to tell the world of my projects and my research.  Perhaps a bit of back story on what my current projects are and what I intend to research would be in order.  Currently, these web pages have been taking a good deal of my time.  Learning new platforms (such as wordpress, phpnuke) and delving into php and json.

Aside from that, I’ve also been putting a lot of time into researching for my phd work.  The main focus, so far, has been image processing and artificial intelligence.  I am working on image classification and how AI techniques (such as AdaBoost, Boosting/Bagging, etc) can enhance already established classifiers.

I also have small projects going with Arduino, Kinect, .Net, and Android.  Though, I’ve not found much time for anything during the semester.  The plan is for my findings and documentation to be put on here. I need better note taking and documentation and this should help out with that significantly.

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