About me


I am a computer engineer.  I received a Bachelors of Science, a Masters of Engineering, and a Graduate Certificate in Network Security from the ABET accredited University of Louisville in Louisville, KY.  

I have a wide variety of interests and experiences, I work in C/C++/C#/.Net, Matlab, RSLogix/Unity, PHP, SQL, Java, HTML, Windows/Linux/Android, and a myriad of other areas.  I have a large spectrum of projects that I tend to work on sporadically and I am also the proprietor of <a href=”lawsoncs.com”>LawsonCS.com</a> as I feel it is important to share my abilities with others in a more open, honest, and financially reasonable manner.


This blogs primary purpose is for me to further document my projects and my research in various aspects of my work with the world.  I always find it extremely helpful to find people who take the time to talk about the hardships they’ve endured to find a small answer that can have large implications for other people.  It is always tiresome to reinvent the wheel, and hopefully, if I maintain this blog, I can help someone down the road with their work.